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Midweek musings - 31st March 

Today’s midweek musing has come from Anita Gellatly:
"This morning I want to share the song ‘Flawless’ by MercyMe because I have been reminded of God‘s amazing grace. When you are anxious and questioning, be reminded God loves you so much. The cross was enough. God created us to be who we are - who He intended us to be.
At this time of questioning what we are doing, how we are helping in this pandemic. Know that God will use you. Offer up who you are for His glory to impact His Kingdom here on earth.

We can all do something. God’s grace is enough.

Bart Millard shares the heart and story behind their song ‘Flawless’:
‘Grace says “no matter how beat up you are, no matter what you go through in life, no matter how difficult life is, the cross made you flawless.” The day you came to Christ you were made brand new. It’s all in place for the rest of your life.’ – Bart Millard (MercyMe) "

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