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A Day of Wonders 

 Bromley Temple Corps were delighted to welcome Major Catherine Wyles Corps Officer from Rutherglen, Major Wyles led the Family Ministries weekend at the Corps. 

During the morning meeting the Singing Company brought the piece “Standing in the need of prayer” and the Songsters brought “Father Creator” and “I will praise you”, the Senior Band brought the beautiful meditation “Still”.  In the evening the Bromley Community Choir took part blessing the congregation with “Skye Boat Song” and “It is no Secret” the senior band brought the moving arrangement of “Lead Kindly Light” by Andreas Holmlund.  Major Catherine Wyles talked about constant praise and of the hearts of the children turning to their parents.  The congregation was challenged to turn their hearts to the Father because He loves you, God’s presence was felt very deeply throughout the day and the congregation joined together to sing “Lord you know that we love you” at the conclusion of a great day of worship, teaching and prayer.

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