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‘To know Jesus and to make Him known’.

This is why we exist, working within a blend of Evangelism, Ministry, Discipleship, Worship and Fellowship

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Paul says to the Ephesians: 'Strip off - put on the new!'

'When we fix our eyes on God it is more than a TV-recorded 'make-over'. We are changed from the inside out,' observes Lt Col Kirsten Owen as she leads a further exploration on Christian Maturity.

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Support Kenyan Salvationist  Isaac Siundu,

in the 2017 London Marathon

The Lanceleys Compose a Chorus

for Bromley Songsters

Central Bromley Churches Together at Bromley Temple

Bromley Temple Songsters singing Major Joy Webb's 'There Will Be God' 

(Soloist: Mark Norwood)

A short film of the band's open air ministry





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