The Pastoral Ministry Support Team


Care groups have been set up to assist the corps officers with the pastoral care of members of the corps and its wider fellowship.

Group leaders are responsible for the care of an average of ten family units or individuals and their role is to establish contact with each member, and where possible, link them up with the other members in the group.

Commissioner Freda Larsson is the Pastoral Care Coordinator


Group leaders are:

Major Kath Crichton, Helen Elliott, Paul and Maureen Gettens,

Sarah Greenwood, Major Florence Jenkins,

Major Sharron Lanceley, Rosemary Lawrence, Sheila Maguire

Lindsay McDougall, Captain Elizabeth Nelson, Luke Nunn,

Lynn and Geoff Nunn, Susan Prodgers, Major Lorna Smith

Majors Harold and Helen Stone, Christine Webb

Majors Alan and Heather Yates



Updated 15 April 2015