Scripture upholds the integral nature of ministry as the proclamation and practical demonstration of the gospel. This is not word or deed alongside each other, but both together.

The two cannot be separated. One-time leader of Bromley Temple and in later years General of The Salvation Army, John Gowans referred to the three-fold mission of The Salvation Army as:

To save souls, grow saints and serve suffering humanity.

Central to Christ’s work (and by inference to His followers) is our relationship with the economically disadvantaged and the socially excluded.

A relationship of respect

All people are made in the image of their creator and the challenge for every Christian, including those of us at Bromley Temple, is to recognise that image in people. We recognise inherent capabilities and work to uphold and restore peoples’ dignity. We aim to build relationships. These may well lead to mutual change as part of the process of transformation.

Discovering Christ as we serve others

Our interventions may range from simple care and concern to active prayer, from welfare support to advocacy for social justice. All are offered in the spirit of humility and respect.

We acknowledge that we are part of a broken humanity in a disrupted world. We regard being involved in ministry as an immense privilege, in which we not only share in the ministry of Christ, but also discover Him as we serve others.  It is as we interface with others and see the power and love of God in the process of transforming lives that we also are changed.

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       ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’               

Matthew 25:45 New International Version