YP Carol Service - Christmas 2015

The second Sunday in Advent, and as often happens, it falls on the same day as our Junior Carol Service. We call in the ‘Young People’s Carol Service’ but whatever the name, it’s a firm annual favourite in the life of our church. And the hall was full! As usual. 


The programme is entirely given over to the youngsters of the corps, and we get to hear the Christmas message in various guises, through music and drama. 


The Singing Company - our Junior Choir, presented their songs (including a couple from a well known Christmas film!) as well as more traditional songs. 


The Junior Band played their choices of music and also took the opportunity to introduce us to their new members, the children that are coming up through the learner programme, and who debuted last night with a boisterous rendition of ‘Jingle Bells’. They did a great job! 


The second half was given over to the presentation of a Christmas play, called ‘Straw and Order’ which went down a storm. We had all the usuals: cows and donkeys - they were getting upset with each other and sought legal help from the judge. We had over-booked hotels - the best one in Bethlehem apparently, as well as some very cute sheep and some cheeky Wise Men & Shepherds and sparkly angels and of course Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. It was all there!  


All in all, a great event, so if you missed it, you missed a treat. All is not lost though as we have pictures!