London Walk - Walking to Georgia!

London Walk - Walking to Georgia!


Last Saturday, about 60 members of our church spent a large chunk of the day wandering the streets London. Billed as a ‘London Walk’ we were asked to meet Sarah and Stuart Greenwood in the waiting room at Charing Cross Station. It was all very mysterious…


The meeting time was somewhere between 10.30 and 12.30, so folks rolled up at all kinds of times, to meet Sarah and Stuart and to be given instructions on what and where we were supposed to go. Our group coalesced on the train ride up to Charing Cross, and once we had our instructions we were off! 


“With your back to Charing Cross Station, turn left and walk to Trafalgar Square…”


The weather was fantastic, warm and sunny; the best time to see London, and it wasn’t long before we met up with a group who were slightly ahead of us, as they were coming out of The National Portrait Gallery. 


The aim of the game was to work out our final destination by finding the answers to the clues set by Sarah and Stuart. 


The walk then took us along St. Martin’s Lane, right along New Row, right again into Bedford Street, and along into Covent Garden. From there we went east down Russell Street, pausing at the Royal Opera House to find a clue, and on to Drury Lane.  Did you know that there is a very nice little spot called Drury Lane Gardens?


Moving on; Drury Lane, turn left into Broad Court, over Bow Street and into Floral Street. This is a very interesting place to wander around…ducking and diving through these quaint back streets, eventually coning out at Seven Dials. It was here that we met up with a larger group and had a chance to chat and swap stories of the walk so far.


On to Cambridge Circus, along Greek Street (named after a church that used to be near there - another thing I didn’t know), into Soho Square to catch our breath. Meetings with more folks from Bromley in the square, but not much room to sit! With the weather so lovely, it seemed like the whole of London was there. 


Frith Street next and a well earned rest stop for our group in one of the clues, Bar Italia, famous in London for being something of an iconic coffee house - also the location of the first demonstration by John Logie Baird (another clue!) of his invention, the television! As for the coffee and panini, very highly recommended! 


Feeling a little weary now, we set off again: Old Compton Street, Wardour Street (passing the old site of The Marquee club), Noel Street, Berwick Street and then into Carnaby Street. By now the clues were a ‘nice to have’ - having established that the number on our answer sheet was ’275’, so we knew we were heading to Regent Hall Salvation Army at 275, Oxford Street. 


Beak Street and then turn right into Regent Street and onto the home straight. Left at Oxford Circuit and there’s Regent Hall on the left. 


Once at ‘The Rink’, we met up with Sarah and Stuart again and lots of others who’d finished the walk - all grateful to Sarah and Stuart for the drinks and cakes which welcomed us! And a place to sit down and take a load off!


On behalf of all of us who took part, I would thank Sarah and Stuart for organising a terrific event. It was a fantastic walk, taking us through parts of London that many of us might be familiar with, but which we rarely take the time to look at! Brilliant! 


So why did we do this - apart from the sheer pleasure? This was another fund raising event for the Bridge Project where we are raising funds for the Salvation Army’s work in the country - you can read about that here.


All together, we collectively walked over 260 miles!