The BSA Ramblers Club engages in an interesting series of rambles/ hikes, usually on a Saturday morning. 

The next walk is scheduled to be:

Mon 1st Jan 2018, Westerham Circular Walk

Walk begins: 10:30am start. Distance: about 3 to 4 miles, depending on number of people - Circular.

Directions: There is a free car park close by as indicated on the map (see bromleytemple.org under Ramblers section). Walk along public footpath towards the center of Westerham and we meet in Westerham by Churchill’s statue.

Meeting place: in Westerham by Churchill's statue.

Call me if you have any queries Mike Harris 020 8460 8930 or use the message facility contact us. Look forward to seeing you.

Future walks



Sat 17th June 2017 - Lullingstone to Shoreham Circular Walk -  a somewhat energetic 7 mile walk with grateful thanks to Gill and Duncan Richardson and a gentleman from the Community Choir who were very supportive in my bid to get valuable training in for my Iceland trek in the coming July. Weather was great and completed in a good time.

Sat 20th May 2017 - Cudham -  Thank you to Anthony Harris for leading this walk. A short but enjoyable walk through the countryside surrounding Cudham.

Sat 22nd Apr 2017 - Ightham Mote -  Thank you to Duncan Richardson for leading this walk. The Bluebells were again in full bloom this year and the walk was enjoyed by all who came along.

Fri 1st Jan 2017 - Downe -  we had a lovely sunny frosty morning with a large crowd turning up. The walk took us from central Downe across the fields then along the side of the valley to the west of Downe, taking in scenic views until we arrived in the hamlet of Luxted, where we then returned back to the south of Downe.

Sat 12th Nov - Petts Wood  -  Sadly, rain was forecast for this day which takes us from urban Petts Wood into fields with sheep and woodland, within 5 minutes. Thankfully, Lt. Colonel Graham Owen joined me.

Sat 15th Oct. - Nash Walk - we had a good crowd turn out for this walk which took us through the ancient byways and lanes to the west of Keston. 

Sat 17th Sept'16 - Downe - this 2.8mile walk took us through the countryside to the west of Downe, following the valley from south to north then back up through woods, across fields  back into Downe. Although there had been recent rain, the pathway was not particularly muddy and just stout shoes were needed.

Sat 18th June. - Otford, another lovely walk and very well attended.

Sat 23rd April, 2016 - Ightham Mote (Project Georgia) - we again had an excellent turnout  of 30+ people and animals. With the Bluebells in full bloom, which from a short distance looked like a blue haze carpet in the woodlands. We were lucky with the weather this year, being blue sky's and warm. This years walk was in support of Project Georgia.

Sat 28th Mar 2016 - Knole Park -  CANCELLED due to extremely stormy weather.

Fri 1st Jan 2016 - Westerham -  this was a slightly overcast day but again, another great turn out by everyone, including friends from the Community Choir and friends of friends. Although muddy in places, we negotiated an alternative route to bypass the more muddy areas.

Sat 7th Nov 2015 - Kemsing (East) - this was a very wet and windy day. Mike Reid very bravely turned up but when it was clear the weather was not going to improve, he felt it best to return home - a very good decision as it turned out. I took an anti clockwise route down towards the M26, leaving the motorway behind fairly soon and moving out into open countryside towards the Nroth Downs. By now the rain was driving horizontal with heavy gusting wind coming from behind. On entering into the centre of the small village of Heaverham, I was greeted with lots of hunting dogs milling around and then around the corner came the red coated riding hunt party. They all moved off out into the fields and I then carried on. Once on top of the North Downs, the view across the vale of Kent was stormy with clouds scudding by and great dark shadows of heavy rain falling on the earth. I descended back towards Kemsing, through the woods and playing fields against the heavy weather before reaching my dry wind free car. Surprisingly, I didn't meet a single walker.

Sat 26th Sep 2015 - Chevening - the day was another 'Indian Summer' day just right for walking. We met outside Chevening Church where the walk took us through the churchyard then onto an ancient trackway. We walked a short stretch on the road before ascending up onto the North Downs. Skirting the woodland we had magnificent views over the vale of Kent for much of the walk arriving at an avenue of trees which revealed in the distance Chevening House. Our descent took us back down to Chevening House, linking up and crossing again the Pilgim's Way back to Chevening Church. Good crowd, good conversation.

Sat 20th June 2015 - Lullingstone Park - a long gentle climb through dense wood to emerge onto an open vista from the top of the North Downs where we could view in the valley Lullingstone Castle. Our walk then took us across the Downs and then down into the valley to the castle, then back along the River Darenth to the car park.

Sat 30th May 2015 - Otford to Shoreham - this was a route which took us along part of the River Darenth, crossing over and following the valley back up stream to Otford.

Sat 25th Apr 2015 - Ightham Mote - the Bluebells were out in full splendor, creating a blue haze throughout the woodlands we walked in. The Garlic plants were also in full bloom creating quite a pungent smell when their leaves were crushed unfder foot. The weather turned out well and we had another good crowd turn up.

Sat 1st Jan 2015 - Westerham - A good mixed crowd from both Bromley Temple Corp and friends and family. For our morning walk we had good walking weather, didn't get lost and was a lot less muddy than expected apart from the short slippery path running into Westerham. The wind was a little biting high up but out of the wind it was most pleasant.

Sat 21st Jun 2014 - Hosey hill to Toys Hill - this walk took us across the North Downs through Hosey Hill to Toys Hill.

Sat 26th Apr 2014 - Ightham Mote - A very pleasant walk with a good crowd.

Sat 22nd Mar. 2014 - Dryhill Walk -  this was a well attended walk with new faces joining us as well. We took a slightly different route this year passing by a hidden lake and a gushing spring, up into a semi dry valley. Whence we came upon a low and broken fence partially blocking our way. Having crossed this obstacle, we wound our way up into the woods coming across some houses, deep in a wooded area. Fortunately this time, the weather was great or though a little wet under foot in places.

Wed 1st Jan. 2014 - Cudham Walk - Well, it was certainly a wet and windy morning, in stark contrast to this time last year. A plucky bunch of 13 adults and children went down dale, Cudham - 1st Jan'14through fields and woods, crossiing through streams, around fallen trees to emerge back up near Cudham, walking up hill along a roadway that was awash from water coming off the fields. Wellies were an absolute must. A most memorable walk. There are a few more pictures in the gallery.


Sat 23rd Nov - Cudham Walk - In good company, we had a pleasant walk across open fields and wooded dells.

Sat 26th Oct - Petts Walk On the day, the weather wasn't to good and muddy underfoot. The walk took us through that small countryside haven between Petts Wood and Chilsehurst, crossing through farm fields and woodland.

Sat 17th Aug - Polhill Walk

This turned into a pleasant walk which, on this occasion, we did anti clockwise, making the final ascent much easier walking back up on to the North Downs then transversing across the top.

Sat 13th July - Greensand Walk

Even with such short notice, our band of 5 set off from the carpark, although some had to be 'picked up' from another one first :-) . The walk through the North Downs trees was most refreshing, we then descended down into the Weald across farm fields and a couple of simple styles. The morning was not to hot and this well marked route took us through glades and wooded areas besides open fields of corn. We then climbed back up the North Downs on a gentle but ascending pathway, again walking back this time through the cool woods.

Sat 28th April, Ightham Mote Bluebell Walk

An interesting mornings walks with a new face from outside the Army accompanying us. Only about 40% of Bluebells were out, due mainly to the weather we have had recently, but yellow Primroses were out everywhere. It turned out to be good walking weather with no rain and the ground was only mildly muddy in some parts. Although there were a number of styles, all were low and easy to get over. All in all, a very pleasant mornings walk after which some people repaired to the restaurant for Tea/ coffee and sandwiches accompanied by very cheeky Bullfinches.

Sat 30th March Knole Park WalkKnole Park

Well, on the day 20 people plus a dog spent an enjoyable ramble through and around Knole Park. Highlights were to see Pheasants, baby Deer and Stags fighting. Skirting the golf course, we watched and applauded 2 Golfer's teeing off, who then promptly took respective bows. The younger members had a great time exploring the dark Pine wood groves and climbing the many huge fallen trees. the weather was blue skies but crisp. Many repaired to the Cafe for Tea and sandwiches afterwards.

Tuesday 1st Jan 2013 – New Years Day – WesterhamWesterham

There was a good turnout of folk for this first walk of 2013. Unfortunately, the recent heavy and persistent rain did make some of the trackway somewhat muddy and wet in parts. But we were rewarded with clear blue sky's and some great views. A good start to the year.