Christian Community Choir

Under the direction of Major John Smith, and with Maureen Gettens on the piano, the  choir meets in the Salvation Army hall on Ethelbert Road, Thursday mornings 1100 - 1215. 

The choir has a Christian foundation but is open to people of all ages and of all beliefs. 

As all are welcome, that means you are welcome.

John comes not only with his years as a Salvation Army officer but also with a background as an Associate of Trinity College, London and in education. He reflects on his hope for the choir.

'It is a time for people who enjoy singing to come together and sing. You don’t have to be a great singer – or even have a history of singing – to be involved.  In previous choirs of this nature with which I have been involved, I have seen people who claim that they have no voice, blossom after singing with the choir for a few months. The voice returns, the voice has to be discovered once again.  Because it is not a 'performing' choir it makes no difference the state of your voice and since in the early days almost everything will be in unison – both men’s and women’s voices – your contribution, whatever its quality, will be important. 

'The music will be as wide in content as possible, being drawn from popular church music, old music hall songs, popular ballads – in fact anything which the group would enjoy 'having a go' at singing.  The aim will be to take a song, learn the notes, and then practise it until we (the choir) feel happy with the result.

'It will be a fun group.  Nothing will be too serious but in everything we will encourage each other to be the best we can be.'

Click here to view photographs of the choir in action.

September 2015