A Bicycle Made for Two

The congregation at Bromley Temple were introduced to the new Bridge Project in a joint presentation between Colonel Mary Elvin and Stuart Greenwood, who spoke about a project run by Churches Together in Chislehurst. This is a youth training programme to renovate cycles. Stuart is involved in this programme but also helps with the Malachi homelessness project organised and maintained by the Salvation Army Corps at Ilford. This too includes a cycle renovation programme.


The presentation included a message of thanks from Captain John Clifton of Ilford.

We are so encouraged to hear that project Malachi has been chosen to be supported by Bromley Corps! Thank you!  Our borough, Redbridge, has the 11th highest rate of rough sleeping in the count y - 65people, with over 49 of those having been on the streets for over two years. It is a really terrible situation and The Army here is the driving force behind the initiatives to help people move on to something better.

Just over a year ago, four people died on the streets, so this is literally a matter of life or death. Every donation, every penny collected, is helping to save a life. While we’re focussing on using this model - building a hostel and bike workshop out of shipping containers to address the need in Ilford, this is also a replicable model that can lead towards more church-based responses to homelessness.

We are extremely grateful for your help in getting this off the ground, and hope you can come and visit once it is built! 

John Clifton

ME June 2018