Light up a Life in 2017


Each year The Salvation Army in Bromley runs a Christmas appeal: “Give a Gift and Light up a Life”. We invite the public to donate a Christmas gift for an underprivileged child living in the Borough of Bromley. All "Give a Gift and Light up a Life" staff work on a voluntary basis.

The Salvation Army works with Social Services and other relevant organisations, to find children whose family situations may mean they are classified by the referring agencies as severely in need and are unlikely to wake up to a present on Christmas morning unless a gift is donated.


The children selected are:

·     living with parents who are encountering difficult circumstances and come under the care of social services.

·     from families where one or both of the parents are dealing with mental health issues.

·     carers of a sick or disabled parent/parents.

·     children with additional needs or disabilities

·     suffering from Aids, or living with a parent suffering from Aids.

·     escaping from domestic violence and living in a refuge.

·       from families that are on very low incomes due to ill health or recently lost their jobs.

·                  in refugee families.

When donating a gift please avoid:

·     Gifts with batteries (some parents/carers may not be able to afford to replace them)

·     Personalised gifts (the heart on the tree may have changed the name to protect the identity)

      Clothing (sizes can vary quite considerably and may not fit the child)

      Wrapping the gift (for security reasons gifts will be opened and checked)


We believe every child deserves a new gift at Christmas, and we are therefore unable to take used or second hand items for the Christmas Present Appeal.

If you wish to donate a gift, please buy a suitable present for a child between the ages of newborn to 16. We will make sure that it will be delivered to an underprivileged child in time for Christmas. 

Please deliver your gift to one of the following:

The Salvation Army in Bromley, Ethelbert Road BR1 1HU (the road that runs in between Metro Bank and Maplins).  The Salvation Army is open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.

Bromley Police Station via their Christmas Tree Appeal (until 12 December)

The Coop Funeral Directors in West Wickham (until 1 December).

The Salvation Army Store, High Street, Beckenham (until 10 December)


November 2017