Celebrate with George

Major George Whittingham, a member of The Salvation Army In Bromley celebrates his 91st birthday conducting an all star brass ensemble this Sunday evening. 

George's life-long association with the British brass world means that even the best welcome the opportunity to celebrate his birthday under his baton. 

Included in the brass ensemble will be:

- Chris Deacon, trumpet, who plays the signature tune for Coronation Street

- Dudley Bright, principal trombone of the London Symphony Orchestra,

- Members of The International Staff Band of The Salvation Army,  

- Tom Nielsen, principal cornet of the National Youth Band of Great Britain, 

- Ben Dixon, until recently principal tuba player of Black Dyke Brass Band

Others well known in the brass band world make up the ensemble.

The programme includes:

- Solo for Cornet: Glory to His Name.  

- Tone Poems: The Triumph of Peace.   

                        The Kingdom Triumphant.

- Cornet Ensemble:  Bugler’s Holiday 

- Air Varie - Sound Out the Proclamation

Admission is free. There will be an offering towards Connect, a Bromley Salvation Army initiative with children of the borough.  

6pm 27 August at Bromley Temple, Ethelbert Road, Bromley BR1 1HU