Evening of Celebration and Praise

Bromley Temple Corps was very well attended as Lauren Elliott (Bromley) and friends, Elliot Launn, Nick Hampton and Karl Westwood (all of Regent Hall) with Hazel Launn (Bedford), brought a summer evening cabaret of quartets, duets and solos. Among the songs performed were:

‘I’ve Just Seen Jesus’,

‘In The Name of The Lord’

‘Hallowed Be Thy Name’. 


It was a fundraising evening for ‘Trek Iceland’ for South London Summer Camps.  Mike Harris took part in the trek and gave a talk, showing photos he had taken.  (It's not too late to contribute!)

As the evening ended, Lauren and friends used an Icelandic tune for the benediction: ‘The Lord Bless Thee and Keep Thee’,

There was indeed a sense of God’s presence, and blessing throughout the evening.

July 2017