Something Beautiful - Bromley’s Christian Community Choir

Under the leadership of Major John Smith, the choir gave an uplifting and inspiring performance as they led the evening meeting. Their songs included Bridge Over Troubled Water and From the First Hallelujah, to the Last Amen.  Tristan Lanceley brought a piano solo – variations on Count Your Blessings.

Members come from different denominations and have different backgrounds, but have found a wonderful sense of belonging and acceptance in the choir. Choir members spoke of having a wonderful time of fun, fellowship and music-making. They look forward to coming to practice every Thursday. 

Congregational singing included: The Lord’s My Shepherd to the tune of David of the White Rock, and Just a Closer Walk with Thee.

Illustrating her presentation with pictures, Major Lorna Smith spoke of the God-given beauty we recognise in each other.

July 2017