Fun, Fellowship and Facts


Bromley Temple Corps celebrated Founder’s Day with a Corps Retreat, held in the beautiful chapel at Farrington's School.  


The day began with a service of meditation and celebration. The band played ‘Breathe’; there were contributions from the singing company, who sang ‘My Heart Tells Me’ and the songsters who brought the piece ‘In His Presence’, which was certainly felt. The service concluded with congregation and songsters singing ‘Total Praise’.  


The corps folk then joined in a picnic in the school grounds; some played football; others joined in a game of rounders, all in glorious sunshine.   


In the afternoon, Lieut-Colonel Geoff Webb did a presentation:  ‘Founder’s Day, William Booth – Life and Legacy'.  This went through the history of The Salvation Army from its conception to William Booth's promotion to Glory and the legacy given to us as The Salvation Army today.


All who attended had a great and blessed time.


July 2017                                                                                                                                                                            AJL