Majors Iain and Alison Hudson -- Bromley Temple Corps Leaders from July 2018

Both born in the North-East of England, they have known each other from an early age. Prior to entering William Booth College, they had careers in banking, both working in the City of London for NatWest Bank in the late 1980s.  Iain and Alison were members of the Messengers of Hope session (1993-95). Prior to 1993, both worshipped at Bromley Temple and served as Corps Youth Secretaries. 

Commissioned at the Royal Albert Hall on 26 May 1995, they received their first appointment to Perth in the East Scotland Division. In their nine years there their children were born: Amy (1997) and William (1999). In 2004, they were appointed to Edinburgh Gorgie in the same division before being appointed to Reading Central in Central South Division in 2009.  During this time, both Amy and William completed their senior schooling, with Amy going on to Princeton University in New Jersey, USA , to study Economics (graduating in 2019) and William to Nottingham University to study Law (graduating in 2020). 

In addition to being corps officers, both have been chaplains in various capacities: Iain in a resettlement unit (in Perth) and prison (in Edinburgh) and both have served in an inner city school (in Edinburgh).  Iain is ecumenically-minded, serving as a street pastor for seven years and governor of a Catholic comprehensive school for 8 years (in Reading). Alison has served in a voluntary capacity, counselling and supporting those affected by infertility or baby loss during pregnancy or soon after birth (in Reading).

2016 saw a transfer to Divisional Headquarters in Central South Division in the new role of Divisional Mission Enablers. 

Iain and Alison are corps officers by conviction, and are pleased to return to this area of ministry.  They count it a privilege to be appointed to Bromley Temple Corps (July 2018), and they value the opportunity of working with both the corps family and wider community. 

In their free time, they enjoy walking in the mountains of Scotland, running (Iain), music, gardening and spending time with their family.

May 2018