They Deserve Our Support

From its beginnings in 1865, financing the mission of The Salvation Army has been a challenge.

Self-financing, such as is achieved through Salvationist giving at Bromley Temple has always been the goal. In reality, apart from the giving of its own members, the Army has had to settle for a combination of funding sources; the state, the commercial sector and the general public.

The annual Big Collection is one way in which The Salvation Army appeals to the British public to support its community, social development and institutional social work.

The 'door-knock' provides Bromley Salvationists the opportunity to share in this support by participating in the appeal and being ready to explain why the money is needed.  It's more than just giving money!

One of those programmes to benefit from central Salvation Army funding is The Family Tracing Service.

Bromley Salvationist, Kay Martin, joined the staff in 2017. Describing her work she explains:

·        Over 120 new cases are accepted every month

·        We currently have over 1,000 ongoing cases

·        We have a 90% success rate in the past year of reconnecting people with their family.

·        Searches can take from as little as a few days to over two years with our dedicated caseworkers trying every route possible to find the missing family member.

Clients wishing to track their family pay a registration fee of up to £45 according to their means.   The Big Collection is an essential way of funding the service so we can continue this important part of  the Army's mission started over 130 years ago.

God was in Christ to make reconciliation with the world. The Family Tracing Service has this very same unique ministry of reconciliation.

Click here to see videos prepared for The Big Collection 2017 - 

August 2017