Evangelism and Mission Support


Street evangelism may have been the main way in which earlier generations saw Bromley Salvationists sharing their faith. 

That witness continues but also in other, albeit less obvious ways, but still with the aim of challenging others to consider faith in Christ. Every personal encounter provides opportunity for witness.

We recognise the value of Christian example and of intercessory prayer for the unsaved; personal testimony remains perhaps the most important means of sharing our faith; reading and explaining the Scriptures are vital, whether from the platform, in small groups or on the High Street. Literature, music, song and drama are used to get the message across. And there’s the internet.

We are aware of the importance of working together with others in the task of Christian mission, and regard ourselves as working with other churches and agencies in accomplishing the purposes of God for His world.


Some members of the Bromley Temple Corps have been engaged in world mission in previous years. We continue with active support of the world church, including those Salvation Army territories linked with the United Kingdom and Ireland Territory as Partners in Mission: South America East (Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay), Pakistan, Ghana, Finland. The Bridge is a practical programme of mission support.

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Photo: Jacquelin Devaney