Set Free

Dear Lord Jesus,

Thank you for this past Easter-time when we have been able to celebrate once again your life, death and resurrection, and for giving us new life through belief in your name. Your sacrifice has opened up the way for all people everywhere to enter into a relationship with you and to live a glorious new life.

As the song says: 

                            ‘He came to give us life in all its fullness,

                             He came to make the blind to see.

                             He came to banish death, and doubt and darkness.

                             He came to set his people free’.

Thank you for that freedom.

Give us the courage to step out of our comfort zone when you call us to follow you. If we trust you and keep our eyes on you we can accomplish anything in your name. When Peter saw you walking on the water, he followed suit and stepped out of the boat. All he thought about was that you were there - no thought of his own safety.

What freedom! Praise you Jesus!