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Match Report: Chatsworth 6 Bromley SA 0


The final game of the season was a major disappointment to the Bromley boys and even though the scoreline was the same as that in the Wembley FA Cup Final this was far from being as one sided a game as Manchester City’s victory. The first 15 minutes were closely fought with neither side coming too close to scoring. However a few defensive mistakes and a lack of urgency for a 15 minute period saw Bromley concede three quick goals. It has been 3 weeks since Bromley’s last game and their opponents played in a cup final last week and for this period of the game you could tell that Bromley were a little rusty. Andy dropped back into a deeper role in an attempt to try a regain control of the game and, even though this had an effect, a fourth goal followed as Bromley were unable to clear the ball from a corner. As the half time whistle approached the opposition’s best, and most annoying, player scored a superb goal from long range leaving the Bromley team somewhat shell-shocked.
The half time instructions were quite clear - forget the first half score and performance and make the final 45 minutes of the season something we could be proud of. This they did and, in fact, were the better team in the second half creating many chance and coming close to scoring on a number of occasions. We were more aggressive in our play and played our usual game. As the game drew to a close the Chatsworth winger was brought down in the box resulting in a penalty against the run of play. Craig pulled off a superb save diving to his left to keep the second half score at 0-0. It was a pity that in the final minute Chatsworth scored on the break as Bromley had deserved more from this game. 
So this wasn’t the best way to finish the season but the second half performance demonstrated the true merits of this team and Bromley SA can look back at the season with some pride and look forward to next season with optimism.

Craig Finch
Alex Traher
Chris Fairman
Dan Finch
Piers Mitchell
Danny Prendergast
Cameron Main
Greg Bullen
Josh Hunt
Andy Yates (c)
Dave Finch
Sub: Jason Newell

Match Reporter:- David Finch

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Martin O'Leary, 18/05/2019